The situation in the flooded areas in Vlora, Fier, Berat and Korca and the need for intervention
Observatory for Children’s Rights scanning of the situation
As per 16th October 2015

For more than 3 days, Albania has passed a difficult situation of floods in southern Albania (10-11-12 October 2015). Due to the high intensity of rainfall, floods have been a threat to homes, agriculture and livestock and for inhabitants living on the affected areas. Based on the scanned situation that Observatory for Children’s Rights has done during these days (12-16 October 2015), the regions more affected by this situation are: Vlora, Fier, Berat and Korca. In Vlora, massive flooding and stones has blocked the national highway Orikum- Vlora, at the entrance of Vlora. On Monday 12 October 2015, the water has fallen in almost all the problem areas by creating a large mud in the streets and houses. In Fier, the numerous floods have come because Gjanica River has gotten out of its bed. In Berat, the flood situation has worsened due to the fact that Osumi River has gotten out of its bed also. In Korca, floods have come from the excess flow of inert of Gllabishtove river of Grammos Mount; also Verdova River in Pogradec has gotten out of its bed. 9 Residential houses are damaged by rainfall in Podgorie village in Maliq Municipality.
By our observations, the situation is improved, but also the families have identified the need to intervene in the affected areas. The flood situation is normalized; the Commission is evaluating the damage assessments. In Vlora region 8 families continue to be accommodated in the dormitory of Industrial school because their homes are out of function. In Vlora, different organizations like World Vision are helping families affected by the floods by providing accommodation in the Industrial school, food packages, water, blankets and beds. Support for these families will continue in subsequent days. In Fier region the group of recording damages is still in the areas and families affected and there is no general summary of damages. People have referred to the municipality names of affected families, damage done and photo of the houses, to illustrate the damages caused. Situation in Berat region is improved since the weather without rain has had a positive impact. Emergency Headquarters assisted in the removal of water from the apartments. The families are expecting assistance in clothing and financial aid, food from the municipality. Today the weather is worsened and during these days new developments are expected. In Korca region, situation is normalized; the commission is doing damage assessment, people are not life threatening, most are living at their relatives.
During so far, 2 floods happened in this year (2015) and they have affected the same areas in Southern Albania. Observatory for Children’s Rights has compared different aspects of the flood situation on February and October.
Comparison of the areas mostly affected by the floods October 2015 with February 2015
During February 2015, for more than 2 weeks Albania has passed a serious situation of floods. Based on the scanning of the situation that the Observatory for the Children’s Rights has done, the regions affected the most by the floods were Vlora, Fier and Berat Regions. In Berat the floods were caused due to Osumi river large flows, and the river has gotten out of its bed. In Fier floods were caused by Vjosa, Seman and Gjanica rivers large flows and in Vlora by Vjosa .

During October 2015, for more than 3 days Albania was faced with a similar situation floods. The most affected regions from the floods were Vlora, Fier, Berat and Korca .

Map nr. 1 and map nr 2 show the number of the families affected from the flooding situation and the number of evacuated families in regional level.

Map 1: Comparison of the number of affected families from the floods February 2015 vs October 2015

During February 2015 some families are evacuated in the cities crèches, in their relative houses etc.
During October 2015 some families were evacuated at dormitory Industrial high school and in their relative houses.
Map 2: Comparison of the number of evacuated families from the floods February 2015 v.s October 2015

Map 3: Comparison of the number of affected children from the floods February 2015 v.s October 2015

Interventions of Local Institutions
During February 2015, some of the institutions like the State Social Services in the regional level, local governments; Emergency Civil Staff, etc have distributed aids for the families. The State Social Service in Berat region has taken the initiative to open a bank account to help the families. Also many citizens have contributed. Regional Education Directorate in Berat and some schools have undertaken the initiative to collect food and clothing assistance, which will be distributed to the affected families. In Fier Region various institutions have provided assistance as: food packages (from 15 kg of food laid out by Civil Emergencies Staff), clothing, food for the livestock, blankets etc. Local government has had difficulties in identifying and delivering the aids to families affected by the floods.
During October 2015, local institutions were engaged to handle the civil emergency. In Vlora region headquarters of emergencies were mobilized. The most problematic families were accommodated at dormitory of Industrial School Vlora. In Fier region Emergency staff has intervened, local authorities and police teams have taken measures to evacuate; was created “Delta Force” team. In Berat region from Emergency staff in the Prefecture, the water was removed from the apartments. Berat Municipality is dealing with the damages to help affected inhabitants. In Korca region, forces of fire station in Erseka and 6 vehicles to private entities were set in motion to address this situation and to clear the road. In Pogradec, to afford the situation were engaged about 100 people from Pogradec municipality and the station firefighter personnel. Also were used 10 vehicles for cleaning the gravel and 5 suction pump to remove water from flooded floors of multi-storey buildings. The Emergency Commission in Prefecture was established and has cooperated with local authorities, to assess the damages.

Identified needs for intervention
During October 2015 the identified needs for intervention are: clothing, furniture, household appliances, food etc.

Other Notes
In Vlora region, part of floods has been courtyards of some schools. On Monday, 12 October 2015 at night the water is removed in these schools, for that reason the teaching process was not realized because of the large mud left after the removal of water. In total there are about 5 schools that have not developed the learning process. In Fier region homes are damaged after massive flooding. In Berat region, families are trapped by flooding, but there was no body evacuated. The schools continue the teaching process. Meanwhile regarding water collectors they have been affected by flooding and drinking water is unconsumed by citizens.