The Orange Day in the Presidency of the Albanian Parliament


The Orange Day in the Presidency of the Albanian Parliament

The pupils from the high schools of Tirana and the students of the University of Art, from the Presidency of the Albanian Parliament encourage the Albanian policy makers, in particular boys and men, to fight doemstic violence and violence against women in Albania.

Tirana, 6th of March 2015, at 10.00 a.m

The Presidency of the Albanian Parliament

The Albanian Assembly welcomed today the pupils from the high schools of the rural areas of Tirana such as: “Gramoz Palushi” in Paskuqan, “Androkli Kostallari” in Shkoza and “Mustafa Gerblleshi” in Sauk, who organized artistic activities in collaboration with the students and professors of the University of Arts, about the issues of gender equality and discrimination, and the role that men and boys should play as partners and allies to eliminate gender based violence and domestic violence. They organized artistic activities in design, acting and graphics, and disseminated messages against violence, inequality and discrimination which exist in the Albanian society today.

Present in this activity was the Head of the Albanian Parliament, Mr. Ilir Meta, who welcomed the youth and greeted this initiative by stating that: “Violence against women and children is a phenomenon which has to be punished. Violence against women and children must not be tolerated, notably in our society, which estimates the Albanian family as its core value, and this civil culture should be promoted and should be defended by all of us. I have always believed that children, youth and family should be in the center of every governmental action. The evolution of a democratic and social society can’t be imagined without taking into consideration the efforts undertaken to strengthen the role of women and children and without accomplishing the duties to protect their rights. Therefore, all the institutions should double their efforts in this initiative.”

The representative of UN Women in Albania, Mr. David Saunders, stated that: “However old, we men all have a role to play. The smallest act of kindness, to the largest act of empowerment. We all have the choice, the choice to commit. By being here today, you have already recognized a need to act, you now need to take a next step in your personal commitment to empower women and girls. You need to act to influence your colleagues in parliament, your family and your friends. Be a “He For She.”

The Deputy Minister of Education and Sport, Mrs. Nora Malaj greeted the activity, and emphasized the role of the Ministry of Education and Sport in the war against violence and gender inequality and its special support for the organizations of civil society, which operate in this area, by highlighting in this way the work that the Observatory for the Children’s Rights has done as a sustainable partner in this challenge.

The high school pupils of the rural areas of Tirana, became in this way the ambassadors of the gender equality, showing that they are against violence and discrimination, and an example for the Albanian policymakers in the war against gender inequality.

“The orange day in the Presidency of the Albanian Parliament” was organized by the Observatory for the Children’s Rights in collaboration with United Nations Organizations (UNDP and UN Women) and Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth. This will be as a closure activity of the UNiTE campaign in Albania: “Men and boys, part of the solution – Show you are against violence” (extended over the period of 25th November 2014 – 8th March 2015), and in support the solidarity movement for gender equality “#HeForShe”.

The solidarity movement HeForShe is a global campaign extended throughout the whole year, which intends to engage men and boys all over the globe, to act as models of change in gender equality and to extirpate violence against women and domestic violence, by encouraging them to undertake concrete actions against gender discrimination.

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