Social exclusion of children in Albania

Tirana on December 4th, 2012 –  The digitalised presentation of the database regarding children’s social exclusion indicators in Albania, on a regional level (for every district in the country), aims at encouraging the Albanian society to be more aware of children’s critical issues which affect the violation of their rights.

The Observatory for Children’s Rights aims at observing the realisation of children’s rights on a national level and in every district of Albania, analyse and process the information according to the point of view of the civil society and encourage interest groups discussions about the inclusive realisation of children’s rights.

The Observatory for Children’s Rights is an initiative of UNICEF, which aims at empowering alliances and harmonising the collaboration with the objective of increasing effective efforts for the realisation of children’s rights. The Observatory for Children’s Rights is a civil society mechanism capable of drawing near every actor and even children themselves under the initiative: ‘’ Children’s issues are everybody’s issues’’.

Until now, the Observatory has prepared and published several reports that offer detailed information regarding the main indicators of the realisation of children’s rights. In order for the rich information that has been collected to be effectively helpful to the network of governmental, nongovernmental and academic institutions, the Observatory wishes to realise “Social exclusion of children in Albania, presented in a digitalized format”

Digitalisation helps the fast and detailed presentation of the information regarding the institutionalisation of children’s rights, in every district of the country; also it creates the opportunity to use the information regarding children’s poverty and social exclusion indicators in every district, municipality, commune by every institution/ specialist/ citizen that will show interest. The preparation and distribution of 12 informative flyers for every district of the country and also a statistical descriptive brochure about national data, facilitates information usage regarding children’s rights and the collaboration with the Observatory for Children’s Rights network.