Situation assessment on access to services for returned migrants

Observatory for Children’s Rights (Observatory), with the support of Austrian Development Agency (ADA), has implemented during the period March – May 2017, in Dibra, Fier and Tirana region the initiative “Mapping of Albanian returnees (special focus on children and families)”.

By believing that returnees are a vulnerable group and should be prioritized to facilitate their re-integration process in the country, was undertaken this initiative to identify their needs for services as well as the extent to which they are fulfilled by every institution.

To better understand the needs and challenges faced during their fulfillment, an assessment of access to each of the baseline services has been conducted for each region, with some recommendations for each of the local institutions, available at:

Assessment of the situation, Dibra region:

Assessment of the situation, Fier region:

Assessment of the situation, Tirana region:

Also, findings from the entire process have been used to prepare a final document targeting policy-making central institutions, coming up with some recommendations for each of the inline ministries, available at: