Children in Municipality of Korce
Children in Municipality of Shkoder
Mid-term monitoring report
Fighting bullying and extremism in the education system in Albania
Report on the legal and social aspects and the judicial practice of underage marriages in Shkodra, Kukës, Tropoja, Lezha, Puka, Fier and Kavaja for the period 2011 – 2017
Identification of out-of-school children reaching the compulsory school age in Albania
Assessment on access to services for returning migrants
Evaluation of the ‘Breaking the cycle of exclusion for Roma children through Early Childhood Development and Education’ project
Monitoring Report of the conditions and treatment in the institutions of custody, pre-trial detention and prisons – March 2017
The rights of children, underage marriage and the role of the Court – 2017
Developing a Pattern for Roma Children Inclusion in Preschool 2014
Taking the False Step of Family Bliss: Case Studies of Child & Early Marriage in Korça and Vlora, Albania
Documentation Every Roma Children in Preschool
Analytical Report Active youth participation for their priorities and interes – accountability of the public officials
Child Poverty in Albania – Report Card Nr. 1
Social Protection for the Children – 2010
Te drejtat e femijeve ne Shqiperi – 2009
Raport Alternativ i Konventës së OKB-së për të Drejtat e Fëmijëve