Debate for implementation of the three ministerial order “To identify and register in school every child at compulsory age”


The children do not abandon school when They are 16 years old, but they neglect It since the first grade and then They wait 10 years to make this abandon official

 (Bob Keeshan)


(The case of  S.G. overcomes the extremes of pain and poverty. The family made by 11 members lives in miserable conditions is Durres. S.G. express that every child no exception want to go to school, but the reason that They have abandoned It is the the difficult economic condition and the fact that the older children have to take care of the younger ones while the parents work in different jobs to earn the living.

Currenlty in Hasa Koci School in Shkozet (which is one of the 10 pilot schools of  the initiative “Out of School Children” in partnership with UNICEF and the implementation of  Observatory for Children’s Rights), 2 of the girls of this family attend the second grade after a hard work by the school directory. With the attention of UNICEF and Observatory the case was referred and followed by the local institutions of Durres.

After the participation of the school staff  in training, workshops and activities of the initiative “Out of School Children”  to prevent the abandon of  school, currently the girls are attending school regularly showing a great interests and willing. S.G. expresses that have been the teachers who have provided food when She has not been capable to provide for them.

The school has started and every child want to attend! Despite the economic difficulties, the parents ignorance, the absence of sensitivity to invest in a way that secure the future are some of the factors that prevent this journey. To fulfill the gaps created in years, the government guarantees the education for every child. In this contexts, the families should be more sensitive regarding the registration and attendance of their children in the “genesis” cycle- in preschool.

The debate that we have conducted was related with the fact that the school is not only the education mechanism, but It is also has connective and coordinating functions and makes possible the children’s registration to school and the ongoing attendance. The teachers are missionaries,which with their vision and their spirit inoculate the pupils education among generations. In support of this mission very important actors are also the municipality/ administrative units, the police, the medical centers, etc.

The work model that harmonizes the interaction of all actors in local level regarding the cause of registering in school every child at compulsory age is the initiative“Out of School Children”.  This initiative, piloted in Durres region, is fulfilled in partnership between UNICEF and Observatory for Children’s Rights, with the attention of the Ministry of Education an Sports and with the support of all local structures. The purpose is to identify and register in school every child, despite the fact that they were born in the area or not, creating a favorable environment to live.

In January 5th was signed the Common order of the three Ministries (U3M – Ministry of Education and Sports (MAS), Ministry of  e Internal Affairs (MPB)  and Ministry of Health (MSH)) “To identify and register in school every child  at compulsory age”, in order to coordinate the inter institutional collaboration to make possible that every resident child attend school. U3M publication in the Official Gazette can be found in:


In this context several important steps have been taken regarding the children education including:

  • Raising a work practice for the workbook of the roles of the responsible institutions for the implementation of U3M.
  • The practice of the intersection training between the staffs of the schooling and local institutions which are charged with  responsibility and role by the U3M signing.
  • The guides and instructions for monitoring the best schooling practices for reducing the school abundance and for integrating in school the out of school children.
  • The training practices for the actors in the base educational institutions in order to ensure the regular attendance and the completion of the base education by every children.
  • The work practice for the extraction of the data for international indicators of the educational system.
  • The practice of the intersection of the lists from different sources in order to identify out of school children.
  • The practice of the inter institutional collaboration to intensifies the work regarding the case of out of school children

The call for the children education is addressed to everyone. The education of every child is an every day mission, the implementation of which asks for attention and commitment in time of everyone.