Verdi Shehu

Expert of ODF - Dibër

Verdi Shehu was graduated in Agricultural Engineering in the Agricultural University of Tirana in 2008. Since 2011 he holds a Professional Master in Rural Environmental Management in UB Tirana. Some of his work-related experiences include: managing and controlling projects of the Albanian government in the region of Dibra, coordination for three regions with AZHBR, being part of the directory team for the design of the official annual statistical calendar of the Agricultural Directory of Dibra, engaging in exhibitions organized twice a year, seminars and workshops as well as visits in different regions.

Also, he has been elected chairman of the regional directory of Autonomous Trade Union of Agriculture, Food, Commerce and Tourism. Since September 2013 he became part of the Observatory for Children’s Rights in Dibra as a volunteer. His experience in the Observatory gave him the chance to learn about national policies for children’s rights and various problems in the region of Dibra.