Shkelqim Muça

Expert of ODF - Kukes

Shkëlqim Muça was born in Kukes in 1971. He is graduated at University “Luigj Gurakuqi” in Shkodra, Faculty of Economy, branch “Management-Business”. He used to work for many years in public administration and financial institutions. Since 2009 he is engaged with civil society in various programs for protection of child rights. Shkelqim has been part of the working groups to prepare a series of studies; Some of them are: Reports on the implementation of children’s rights in the years 2009-2010-2011; “General situation of small arms and light weapons and ammunition in Albania 1997 – 2009”, published in 2010.

He has also worked with many research institutions as IDRA, QKSC etc. focused in social problems. He is member of different committees for the protection of child rights.