Lindita Luzo

Expert of ODF - Gjirokastër

Graduated in 1998 in Gjirokastër University, Faculty of Social Sciences as teacher of English Language and Literature and in 2006 she was graduated at the same faculty as Public Administrator. From 1998-2002 she used to work in Gjirokastra Institution of Prefect. After that she joined a UNDP project “Local Governance Programme” which brought her nearer to the local issues and policies. From 2008-2012 she worked as field assistance to OSCE Field office in Gjirokastra. Later she joined a local NGO, which is addressing different local issues raised by different groups of interest.

Lindita has over than 14 years experience contributing for civil society in Gjirokastra region. She has been involved in organizations, forums and coalitions that have children and youth in their focus in the last seven years.