Estela Koka (Çuka)

Expert of ODF - Berat

Estela Koka (Çuka) is a graduated at the Natural Sciences Faculty in Tirana and she has finalized Master in Education in Secondary Teaching. From May 2007, she voluntarily committed in various projects about protection of women’s rights, promoting participation in the protection of children’s rights, social activities with orphans, the abused and Roma, management volunteers and fundraising. At the beginning of her career she has been committed as a teacher in direct relationship with children and now she is Expert of ” Observatory for Children’s Rights” for the Region of Berat.

Estela has contributed to the development of the Regional Strategy 2012-2015 for the Region of Berat. As part of her engagement with Observatory, she has prepare annual reports (for 2 years) about the realization of children’s rights.