Eridjona Vallja

National Program Manager

With a remarkably rich and intensive career path, Eridjona Vallja counts her contributions in social work, social policies and teaching in Albania, since the last decade.

She has managed complex programs and projects as well as contributed on designing appropriate approaches and tools that need to be used for the well-being of children and young people in the country. She has designed program’s interventions and upcoming plans and has reported according to the narrative and financial reports to various UN agencies, Embassies and other donors. Until present experience, she has managed around 30 projects from UN Agencies and other donors.

She has trained within the years, many central and local practitioners of human rights working on the field of health, education and social protection. She has trained doctors, nurses, teachers, stakeholders, journalists, NGO’s representatives, parents, young people and children.

She is member of the UNICEF Roster of Experts for Education, Early Learning and Social Protection. She holds a scientific master’s degree on social policies.