“Police and Community a necessary collaboration for a safer life”

Donor: Swedish Support to Mol/ASP on Community Policing Program.

Duration: December 2013- January 2014

Observatory for Children’s Rights in Shkodra and Korca region have implemented the respective projects “Police and community a necessary collaboration for a safer life” over the period December 2013 – January 2014, an initiative funded by the Swedish Support to the Ministry of Interior and the State Police on Policing community.

All activities were undertaken in fulfillment of the main goal of the project and its objectives as follows:

The Goal:

To create a local network with a mandate of improving communication and solving social problems in the community.


a. Creation of a permanent network of communication between the police and local community;
b. informing the community, especially youth on the objectives of community policing as a community service.
c. Increased access to information and communities to police services.

All activities undertaken in Korca and Shkodra regions aimed to intervene in some important aspects such as: the creation of a modern and effective Police; finding new creative ways, establishing relations of cooperation between police and the community, educating and encouraging citizens so that they can use the police source to help them to solve problems and increase trust in police officer figure.

Some of the major activities that were realized:

–          3 community groups were respectively raised in Shkodër and Vau të Dejës Municipalities and also 3 community groups in Korca and Shkodra Municipalities.

–          Training of the employees of the State Police and administrators of Administrative Regions in Shkodra Vau Dejës on Child Protection issues, referral mechanism and negative phenomena that young people face today.

–          Community group training on Policing in community as a community service in Shkodra; Vau Dejes; Korce and Pogradec Municipalities.

–          Activities to raise awareness from trained community groups for pupils of schools: Mati Logoreci; Oso Kuka; United secondary school in Vau Dejes part of Shkoder region; Naim Frasheri; Asdreni and Gymnasium of Foreign Languages in Korce region. Children were supported from the staff of the project; officers of State police and inspectors from administrative regions.

–           Distributions of promotion materials and construction of three angels of information in three schools of Shkoder and Vau Dejes municipalities.

–          Informative session on Policing in Community with marginalized children who benefit social services by SOS Children Villages in Shkodra city. The meeting was assisted by officers of State Police; staff of project and Mayor of Administrative region.

–          Informative session on Policing in Community with Roma and Egyptian marginalized groups that benefit social services in Korca region.

–           Meeting with student of “Fan Noli” University in Korca.

–          Training and awareness session with students of Faculty of Human Sciences in Korca.

–          Final regional workshop – Presentation of findings and recommendations of the project in Shkoder and Korce.

–          Activities to raise awareness in the pedestrian street in Korca.

–          Presentation of the activities in TV (local TV in Shkoder and Korce) in order to increase the visibility and share information on Policing in Community.

Aspects to be addressed / Recommendations

  • The issue of safety in schools and in their neighborhoods (placement of appropriate road signs and safety of pupils inside and outside schools).
  • Frequent patrolling by State Police near schools and in the community.
  • Consultation with State Police officers can also be made in the same office with Administrative Region. Lack of infrastructure.
  • Strengthen Referral Mechanism and more collaboration from community members to prevent negative phenomena.
  • Strengthen the Students Governments and Youth Parliament in order to refer problematic cases of children rights abuse.
  • Transmission of practices / positive models.