Donor: Agency for Supporting Civil Society

Duration: April 2016- December 2016

Observatory for Children’s Rights has implemented the project “Mobilization of young people for accountability of public officials” during the period April 2016- December 2016, an initiative supported by Agency for Supporting Civil Society.

Project goal was increasing the dynamic participation of young people in order to be active citizens, protagonists of their development. This project has helped and supported young people (18-25), to participate actively in decision-making, in building a community that holds public officials accountable.


  • To inform and sensitize young people for active citizens participation in decision-making;
  • Encourage public debate and political dialogue between the candidates for mayor of local government and youth groups;
  • To measure perceptions of youth about the role and influence in the political priorities of the strategy selected candidate;
  • To monitor the program and the responsibility of elected mayors, if the needs and priorities mentioned by young people and promised by the mayor (during the campaign) are included in the priorities of their local policy.

Some of the main activities that are carried out are:

  • Identification of young people aged 18- 25 years, who will be part of the voting process in relevant areas
  • Develop methodology
  • Information and awareness training for youth
  • Public Hearings
  • Separation of political platforms in the interest of youth
  • Measurement of the perceptions of young people trained on the impact this process has had on their participation in voting
  • Accountability, transparency and separation of the political priorities of the candidates winning strategies
  • Report