17 February 2015

Government of Canada and Bankers Petroleum donate 70,000 CAD for flooded families

In support of critical and emergency situation created as a result of floods in South part of Albania, the Government of Canada and BANKERS Petroleum, express their solidarity in these difficult days for citizens of these affected areas. Government of Canada and BANKERS Petroleum, in cooperation with Observatory for Children Rights, provided support to 145 families in the commune of Dërmenas (village Povelcë and Darzezë), by offering humanitarian assistance according to the main needs identified by Fier Prefecture and inveterate in the field, on: mattress, blanket, bed sheets and pillows, in the amount of 70.000 Canadian Dollar.
This aid aims to assist in faster recover of families living in extreme difficulties in this post-emergency situation, with high quality products for issuing/providing to them comfort and safety for a long period of time.

The process of distributing the aid directly to affected families, is facilitated and guaranteed thanks’ to the cooperation with:
Civil Emergency Headquarters in Albania;
Fier Prefecture;
Commune of Dërmenas, Fier.

The distribution of these donations is being realized today, on Tuesday, dated 17 February 2015. It started with the press release at the Donation Gathering Center at 09.00 a.m and continued with the distribution of the donations at Dërmenas commune, Darzeze village at 10.00 a.m.

Present in this day were diplomat and representatives of the Canadian Embassy Mr. Marc – Antoine Dumas Counsellor, Politic/Economic Affairs, Mr. Robert Carss – VP Health, Safety, Social & Environment of the BANKERS Petroleum, leading staff of Observatory for Children Rights, representatives of central and local government, as well as Leading staff of the Civil Emergency Headquarters.