Kukes Observatory – November 14, 2011


The Observatory office of Children’s Rights – Kukes has organized roundtable discussions with local actors to inform them about the “Plan of Action 2011 – 2015 on the National Strategy for Children” formulated by MOLSAEO ( Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities). Moreover the Observatory has taken into account the actor’s opinion regarding this draft in order to develop it further:

  • The competences of Pre – University Education should be transferred to the Local Governance Units.
  • Families in need should have access to all services.
  • Talented children of poor families should be stimulated.
  • Psychologist services should cover the entire Region.
  • The role of students’ Governments at school should be enhanced by supporting them financially.
  • The number of the doctor’s at PHD (Public Health Directorate), especially in rural areas, should be increased.
  • A web – page should be created in order to provide information to all institutions.
  • Social Administrators should intervene to prevent severe episodes in cases of children in need.
  • The infrastructure of schools for children with physical and mental disabilities should be improved.
  • To facilitate the doctor’s job by reducing the number of the obligatory documents to be completed.
  • To organize studies regarding the Public Health conditions of the  population
  • The Institutions should take their individual responsibility for the referred cases of children in risk and should not neglect these cases as it generally happens.
  • The hospital should not be used as a shelter for abandoned children, but the necessary measures must be taken in order to accommodate these children in the relevant Institutions.
  • The Plan of Action should suit the specific needs of the Regions.
  • The financing of the dorms should be predicted in order to prevent the growth of collective classes.
  • The foreign languages curricula should be included in the rural regions school’s program.
  • To create a control mechanism such that each Institution will take its own responsibilities.
  • Local Governance Units should channel more recourses of their budget to children’s needs.