18 September 2015

In the framework of the initiative “Every Roma Child in kindergarten” implemented by three organizations: The Observatory for Children’s Rights, CRCA and YWCA, is monitored the process of distribution of the textbooks and debates on the needs of Roma and Egyptian children in 12 regions of Albania.
Ministry of Education and Sports in order to facilitate this process has produced:
– Common Instruction No. 21 “On the sale of Pre-University education texts”;
– Decision no. 707, dated 08.28.2015 published in the Official Journal, for free textbooks for Egyptian children.
However the phenomenon of free distribution of textbooks is different in areas where this community lives. The Observatory for Children’s Rights has collected information in regions: Dibra, Kukes, Fier, Vlora and Tirana. More information about the other regions you can find at CRCA and YWCA organizations.

1. Dibra Region
At the beginning of the process, some difficulties were encountered, because one Roma family which was provided free books was not registered in the civil office of Peshkopi, but in cooperation with the school and the Inspector of Regional Education Directorate, the problem was resolved.

2. Kukes Region
The school administrators have facilitated this process and everything went very well.

3. Fier Region
The process of free textbooks distribution for Roma and Egyptian communities has started. However in some schools as Roskovec and Zhupan (Administrative Unit Qender Fier) there are not enough books for children of Roma community.
– The books that were brought by distributors at the beginning (which have been very few) have been distributed to different classes with Roma children.
– Another problem related to the distribution of the textbooks was that they needed personal and family certificate to obtain these books, in most cases they do not have. Therefore they can’t obtain the textbooks. At the school of there are about 70 Roma children in different school grades, but only some of them have taken the textbooks.
-The textbooks are provided free to this community.
-Director of schools are very interested for this community, and they care about the process.
– This phenomenon is the same in various parts of Fier.

4. Vlora Region
There are 73 cases of Roma and Egyptian children with socio-economic problems and there is a list with the following details;
-This list is initialized by the Vlora municipality dated September 9, signed by vice mayor of Vlora -This list is also sent electronically to RED (Regional Education Directorate) of Vlora; -All parents were informed about the procedure of receiving books to schools.
– School administrators said they have not received and are not aware of the guidelines for the free supply of books, and this is used as an argument for preventing this process
-Observatory along with other organizations, have cooperated with Roma and Egyptian organizations to receive certificates of the community they belong to children and parents in huge numbers where you can find these certificates. – The problem of textbooks distribution is also reflected on ABC News.
-This problem was communicated to employees of MES from which we received the Joint Instruction No. 21 “For the sale of Pre-University education texts” and the Decision no. 707, dated 08.28.2015 published in the Official Journal, for free textbooks for Egyptian children.

5. Tirana Region
Some problems and delays are identified due to demand for equipment with certificates. There were delays from the publishing houses in the distribution of books in the school “Niko Hoxha” Valias where on Friday, 11 September 2015 at 12 am the textbooks wasn’t taken yet. At “Siri Kodra” to date 14 September 2015 at 01 pm the schools didn’t recieved the books yet.
Free textbooks distribution for Roma and Egyptian children, is done via a confirmation that require some schools. Surveyed schools searsching for certificate are: “Androkli Kostallari” Mysline Kokallari, “Bajram Curri”. At Bajram Curri school was required a contribution from parents in value 550 Lek to the needs of schools, mostly for environmental adjustments and maintenance.
The “Siri Kodra” and’’ Niko Hoxha ” have a list of children who receive free books.
Gjergj Fishta School
The situation of distribution in the school Gjergj Fishta has been resolved where all Roma children are equipped with books, excluding only 4 children who are in second grade. (This situation has been resolved because the first three days, Fiks Fare investigative emission had treated this case).
28 Nëntori dhe Ahmet Gashi School (Lapraka)
At both schools the distribution of free textbooks has continued without problems. In the school “28 Nentori” books were purchased by Roma families and then reimbursed by the school.
Kolë Jakova and Yzberisht School
Many children, even at the first grade are not equipped with books and teachers insist not to accept children to class.
7-Marsi and Lidhja e Prizrenit School
Books haven’t been distributed to Roma children, while sales to other children continues.