Fier Observatory – November 14, 2011


The Observatory office of Children’s Rights – Fier has organized roundtable discussions with local actors to inform them about the Draft – “Plan of Action 2011 – 2015 on the National Strategy for Children” formulated by MOLSAEO ( Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities). Moreover the Observatory has taken into account the actor’s opinion regarding this draft. Some of the Local Institutions that participated in the discussion about the plan of Action were: Service Directory of Social Attendance of Fier Region, Regional Office of National Social Services, Terre des Hommes – Fier, Protection Unit of Children, Regional Directorate of Health, Office of Economic Assistance and Social Protection– Fratar  Commune, Office of Economic Assistance and Social Protection Center – Commune and Office of Economic Assistance and Social Protection of Lushnje Municipality. The Institutions expressed their opinion about some possible improvements in the Draft–Plan of Action:

  • Family doctors, in conformity with the law no. 9669 in force ‘’ For measures towards violence in family relations ‘’, have to systematically screen and trace the routine of each family, in order to indentify from the earliest stage the violence against children.
  • To promote Healthy Nutrition of Children.
  • To improve the access of children in the services of Primary Health Attendance, Secondary Health Attendance etc.  Many children in isolated rural areas of Fier do not have access to qualitative Health Services due to infrastructure difficulties.
  • To improve the law governing Media and Press in order to specify those kinds of programs that may bring negative consequence to children.
  • To create similar opportunities for Children with physical and mental disabilities.
  • To avoid problems in the process of Children Registration.
  • To increase the number of summer schools in rural areas of the Fier Region and to integrate Roma and Egyptian children in these schools.
  • To research in detail the cases when children in the rural areas abandon school to work in agriculture and farming activities and to provide alleviating measures for these cases.
  • Curricula’s must have detailed Information about Children, Violence, HIV – AIDS, School Abandoning, Smoking Habits etc.