Diber Observatory – November 15, 2011


The Observatory office of Children’s Rights – Shkoder has organized roundtable discussions with local actor’s to inform them about the Draft – “Plan of Action 2011 – 2015 on the National Strategy for Children” formulated by MOLSAEO ( Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities). Moreover the Observatory has taken into account the actor’s opinion regarding this draft. Some of the Local Institutions that participated in the discussion about the plan of action were:  RSSD ( Regional Social Services Directorate ) – Diber, Prefecture of Diber, ‘’ Voice 16+’’ – Diber, Protection Unit of Children’s Rights – Diber, World Vision, Partner for Children’s and the Observatory for Children’s Rights. The Institutions expressed their opinion about some possible improvements in the Draft–Plan of Action:

  • The Local Units’ structures should act as a center of information for issues regarding Children’s Rights .
  • ‘’ Children in Risk ‘’ cases should be considered periodically  and concrete measures must be taken .
  • The role of students’ Governments at school should be enhanced by finances coming from the Local Units.
  • CPU should be established in all Local Units.
  • Anti – Traffic Regional Table conferences should enlarge the focus of their goal in order to include all the issues that harm children’s rights, since they are one of the groups most in need.
  • To increase security inside schools through establishing observative camera systems.
  • The structures of local businesses that offer services for children should be monitored carefully for their quality of services and the security of children.
  • Creating opportunities in Communes where children can express their abilities and skills, like for example the creation of youth centers or alternative similar structures.
  • Increasing the importance of parents role and other structures at schools in order to safeguard a continuous and efficient collaboration between families and the school, in the best interest of the children.