Suzana Sakiqi

Suzana Sakiqi

Human and children rights are currently part of many national and local programs. When we take a look at the 20 year long road through which many initiatives have been undertaken and built, many educational actions and activities have been realized, new practices have been introduced, – we can emphasize that Mrs. Suzana Sakiqi is one of the promoting actors that has contributed in this dynamic process of children’s rights development in the country. The idealism of the contribution and work realized by Mrs. Suzana, affects us all today that she is no longer among us, – but gives us strength and belief to continue forward.

Today, Albania is valued regarding the legal aspect of children’s rights observance, where the work and contribution of Mrs. Suzana was part of the great encouraging and debating work that segments of the Albanian civil society realized among the years. Part of the success presenting the law on children’s rights in 2010, is creating and empowering the Inter-Ministerial Committee of Children’s Rights, where Mrs. Suzana was a member representing the interests civil society in the country.

Aiming a full implementation ensuring children’s rights, Albania formulates monitoring reports in accordance with the Children’s Rights Convention. The role of every Albanian civil society actor in the realization process of the Albanian alternative report, in the year 2008-2009, was able to be presented in the international arena due to the work and commitment of Mrs. Suzana. The commitment and persistence of Mrs. Suzana made possible the realization of a professional and inclusive alternative report, by presenting the Albanian civil society with professionalism and dignity at the International Committee of children’s rights in Geneva.

Mrs. Suzana, with her endless love and commitment, to contribute in favour of the children in need cause, has built and directed with her expertise and professionalism every step of the foster care service process regarding children in need and out of parental care in the country. The strategy and policies formulated in accordance to the implementation of this initiative are a successful achievement of our country, where the name and contribution of Mrs. Suzana Sakiqi will be the founding and unforgettable part of this initiative.

Mrs. Suzana’s love for life, the sweetness which she talked and communicated with, her professionalism and commitment  have given dynamism and energy to the engagements of the ‘’Albanian Children’s Alliance’’ since its foundation. Her eagerness and passion have been a motivating force in creating new initiatives and empowering civil society organisms in the country; Work and achievements of Mrs. Suzana will be remembered as a valuable contribution in favour of many Albanian civil society causes.
May her memory be eternal!

The work of Mrs. Suzana will be remembered not only for her precious contribution in favour of children’s rights observance in the country, but as well as for the love that Zana had for life and people. The courage that Mrs. Suzana showed every day in facing challenges, love and attention for her friends and colleagues, – today, that we have lost her, makes our spirit cry by remembering her eternal smile and devotion in facing every day challenges.